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The Simms Family

What a special moment at FCP! This is certainly a big milestone for us! For the first time, we had the privilege of shooting our SECOND Simms newborn session. This family is so near and dear to us. Not so long ago, we photoed sweet baby Callum.

Callum, just a few days old

Isn't he the cutest? Well, when we found out mom was expecting again, we ere ECSTATIC! Little did we know, she would have a Callum doppelgänger.

Nolan (or as we say, Callum Jr.)

Complete with red-faced screaming. Don't worry, it was just for this shot.

We have so enjoyed watching this family grow.

I mean, just look at them! Moral of the story, siblings get us right in the feels.

Can you blame us?

I am so excited to see these two boys bond. Who knows? Maybe one day we will be doing their senior pictures! (Don't worry mom, that like 50 years from now)

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