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Photo courtesy of HG Photography

About Me

Some may say "not a great head shot". I say, this is perfect. I know photoshoots can be stressful, but with I know that significant others get annoyed (see my husband above), dogs (and kids) don't want to pose or look when you need them to, and all you want is a memory you can cherish. I love this picture. It is an honest picture of the <sometimes> chaos of my life and I absolutely adore looking at it. We strive to give you just that. I can look at this picture and laugh because Daisy just wanted to go fishing, Shelby wanted to be in my arms, Rider wanted some petting and my husband, Tim, wanted everyone to focus. Me? I just wanted to have fun! 

This is a great snapshot of what we want our sessions to be like. Honest, beautiful and something you would do again. 

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